Xtreme Xperience Productions, Inc (“Xtreme Trips”) was founded in 2002 with the vision of creating memories that will last a lifetime. Xtreme Trips provides students across the nation with fun, safe and affordable trips. To date Xtreme has traveled over 90,000 students from across the country making us THE fastest growing student travel company in the nation, as well as one of the largest and most respected in the industry. Xtreme Trips’ travelers experience rewarding and enjoyable trips while receiving personalized customer service from our experienced staff. By balancing the safety concerns of parents with the students’ desire for exciting vacations, Xtreme Trips HS provides a high quality trip experience that students treasure forever.


Xtreme is licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of Florida as a seller of travel (#ST35430). Xtreme is also member of the Better Business Bureau and an IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) accredited travel agency.


Going on its 12th season, Xtreme has provided leisure trip packages to over 90,000 students across the nation from over 500 high schools and colleges. Our management team has over 30 years of combined student travel management experience.


In order to provide the safest and highest quality trips, Xtreme is happy to provide trained adult staff personnel for every Xtreme Trip. Our average staff to student ratio 1:22 for international trips and 1:15 on domestic bus trips. Our staff's main responsibilities are to supervise student travelers throughout their trip, answering their questions, coordinating arrivals/departures, welcome orientations, hotel check-in/check-out, and coordinate and organize all on-site day and night activities. Xtreme Staff is available 24/7 during a trip. For the safety of our student travelers, we promptly remove students from our trips that are troublemakers, do illegal activities, or can't follow the basic rules of our trips.Xtreme’s staff manages destination programs every step of the way. EMT professionals will also be available 24 hours at all destinations. Xtreme staff will be present at all scheduled activities to oversee both the fun and safety of travelers. At each destination Headquartered Hotel there will be an “X Zone” with 24 hour staff to assist any student matter.


Safety is a number one priority on all Xtreme trips. We provide all our students with Xtreme Safety guidelines prior to traveling, then again during the Welcome Orientation. Traveling with Xtreme, you are provided with Xtreme Precautions.

All travelers will attend a Destination Welcome Orientation at their selected hotel or on their bus. Here each person will be given an Xtreme Safety Wristband that includes all on-site staff and 24 hour available contacts.

  1. Wristbands – All students must wear a provided wristband the duration of the trip. The wristbands are imprinted with 24 hour emergency numbers and easily identify the Xtreme group.
  2. Buddy System – Students are to ALWAYS use the buddy system during events, riding in cabs or traveling on public transportation. Xtreme Staff is available in the event a buddy goes missing, but we stress our travelers to hang out in groups.
  3. Hotel Rules – Xtreme Staff will be available to assist in hotel check-in and check-out. All students are urged to keep their doors locked at all times and to keep all valuables in a locked safe. Any damage to the hotel property will be dealt with on an individual level.
  4. Drinking Rules – Legal drinking age in the Bahamas, Mexico and the Caribbean is 18. Proper identification is required. It is expected that each traveler know their limits and respect the hotel, employees and locals. The legal drinking age in the US is 21 and we do not tolerate any drinking on our domestic trips.
  5. Xtreme Events – There will be staffed events every day and night.

Travel Tips


  • Keep your room locked at all times
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks with parents at home
  • Bring a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks to leave in hotel room safe
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of bottled water and fluids
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Only use the transportation provided by Xtreme Trips with Xtreme Representatives
  • Only do activities and excursions through Xtreme Trips and their certified vendors at the destination
  • Know the traffic patterns at international destinations and always stop and look both ways prior to crossing a street or walkway
  • Know the baggage requirements for your flight or cruise which is usually 1 checked bag weighing no more than 40 pounds
  • Only go to medical facilities that are approved by Xtreme Trips, your insurance company and compliant with US medical standards
  • Purchase calling cards at international destinations to call your parents as soon as you arrive to give them your room number and X-Zone information
  • Immediately contact Xtreme in case of emergency by calling the numbers on your wristband, 24 hour X-Zone, or any staff member


  • Do not use small alleyways and dimly lit streets
  • Do not discuss travel plans with strangers
  • Do not take unofficial taxis, which are not marked or metered
  • Do not accept food or beverages from strangers
  • Do not go to beaches when it is dark
  • Do not rent mopeds
  • Do not play on the balcony
  • Do not socialize or hang out with people outside the Xtreme Trips group
  • No diving into the pool or ocean
  • Don’t over pack
  • Don’t lose your pool towel
  • Don’t use cell phones at international destination without speaking to your provider about the cost of using it abroad, which is generally a few dollars a minute

What Not to Pack

  • Valuable or expensive jewelry
  • Family heirlooms and items considered irreplaceable such as IPods and other electronics
  • Credit cards that are not used frequently
  • Social security card, library card and other membership cards
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks with parents

Money When Traveling

  • Try and carry traveler’s checks or prepaid credit cards instead of cash
  • Counter sign Travelers checks in front of shop owners when making your purchase
  • Do not flash large amounts of cash
  • Get your credit card back after each transaction
  • Only deal with large well known money exchange vendors

Time Zones

  • Bahamas are Eastern Standard Time Zone the same as Florida
  • Punta Cana during June is Eastern Standard Time Zone the same as Florida


  • Bahamas the currency is the Bahamian dollar which is equivalent to the US dollar. Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands so need to exchange any US dollars
  • Punta Cana, DR the currency is the Peso and is the only accepted currency so your US dollars will need to be exchanged


  • Bahamas – The official language is English
  • Punta Cana, DR – The official language is Spanish although most people in the tourist areas and resort speak English


  • Elite Parent Friendly Resorts
  • Roundtrip Airfare and/or Cruise with Top Notch Providers
  • Roundtrip Hotel Transfers
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Expedited Hotel Check In
  • Anytime Account Access
  • Xtreme 24 Hour Staff
  • Xtreme Hospitality & Concierge Desk
  • All Resort Taxes & Gratuities
  • Parent Activities


Barcelo Punta Cana Beach Resort

The Barcelo Punta Cana Beach Resort is a Four-star all-inclusive resort situated in the heart of the gorgeous Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It offers an endless number of activities and facilities so that you can freely enjoy the restaurants, bars, discos, shows, sports facilities. The resort is located 25 minutes from the international airport.

Hotel Amenities include:
2 huge swimming pool, 1 swim up bar, casino, spa, 10 restaurants, 8 bars, salon, 2 discos, fitness center, 3 tennis courts, beach volleyball court, free non-motorized sports, movie theatre, free entrance to the discos, and rock wall.

The resort offers 798 rooms and suites. 1 King size bed or 2 Double beds.

Radisson Grand Lucayan Resort

The Radisson Grand Lucayan Resort is the most amazing beachfront resort on Grand Bahama Island and is Xtreme's Headquarter Hotel! Spanning seven-and-a-half acres of Bahamian beach, this mega resort is walking distance to the Port Lucaya Square and 5 minutes away from the port!

Hotel Amenities include:
4 pools, 14 restaurants and lounges, HUGE casino, 25 person jacuzzi, onsite club, two championship golf courses, a variety of beach and water sports, Spa and fitness center.

This resort offers 511 rooms and suites. 2 Double beds or 1 King size bed.

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort is 694 room 5 star resort ideally situated on a 1,000-foot stretch of Nassau's most spectacular white-sand Cable Beach. With over seven acres of spectacular waterscape, including three freshwater pools with flowing waterfalls, oversized whirlpools, and a swim-up bar and grill will help you relax during the day. By night, try your luck at the neighboring Crystal Palace Casino or gather for dinner at one of the 3 restaurants and lounges. All rooms have 2 double beds or King suites with Sheraton "Sweet Sleeper" Beds.





Pre-Trip Q and A's

What travel documents do the students and parents need?

For international destinations, all travelers will need a valid US Passport and for domestic travel a government issued photo ID.

Do parents or faculty have to come on the trip?

Xtreme Trips welcomes parents and faculty on every international trip but it is not required. We provide a ratio of 1:22 professionally trained staff for INTERNATIONAL trips to accompany the students. We provide a ratio of 1:15 professionally trained staff on all domestic bus trips, which parents cannot travel.

Can I purchase travel insurance for my child?

Yes. We do offer additional insurance for our international and domestic trips.

I have to cancel my students trip. Can I get a refund?

Please review the terms and conditions for the exact cancellation/refund policy for each trip.

Will my student be able to drink on this trip?

Legal drinking age in the Bahamas, Mexico, Punta Cana and the Caribbean is 18. Proper identification is required. It is expected that each traveler know their limits and respect the hotel, employees and locals. The legal drinking age at all domestic destinations is 21 and strictly enforced.

How much money should my student bring?

Each student has different spending habits. Depending on the destination and the students’ preferences, some students can spend $20-$40 per day while others can bring much more for the entire trip.

Do I have to provide transportation to the airport/port/bus stop?

The students must find their own transportation to and from their home airport/port/bus pickup location. Airport/port transfers to and from the hotel during the graduation trip are provided and staffed by Xtreme Trips. Students must meet at their pickup location for all domestic bus trips.

Is the school involved in organizing and promoting Xtreme Trips?

Xtreme Trips HS has relationships with many schools across the country. We assist their classes in planning an Xtreme Trip during their summer and spring breaks, educational tours and various other types of trips and events. We are always more than happy to assist students, parents, and/or faculty in putting together the right Xtreme Trip for their school & class. Please keep in mind that most of our trips are organized as non-school sponsored trips and most schools are not allowed to promote or organize these trips. This means that Xtreme Trips HS works directly with students and/or parents to organize our trips. We provide the trained staff and EMT’s on the selected trip. (NOTE: If a school does promote or organize a trip, it is a school-sponsored and teacher-chaperoned trip.

Is there an opportunity to have and participate in a parent information meeting?

Absolutely. Xtreme Trips’ Trip Coordinator’s host online informational meetings prior to the group’s registration deadline; however, should you miss the informational meeting, contact Xtreme Trips HS and a customer service representative would be happy to send you a link to the recorded informational meeting. We appreciate that you may have questions and concerns and want to provide you with all the necessary information regarding our trips.

Do students select their own roommates?

Xtreme travelers always select their own roommates. For senior grad trips, Xtreme promoters and organizers are required to fill out a rooming list based on the students who have paid in full and preliminary rooming is done up to 3 months prior to the trip. For our bus trips, students choose their roommates on the bus on the way up to Orlando. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they have their roommates. If the student's roommates cancel, they are responsible for finding new roommates and/or paying for price increases due to having fewer roommates than when they originally signed up.

The total price of our trips is "per person" and based on a quad-occupancy room (4 paid in full travelers in a room.) Double and Triple occupancy rooming is available for an additional amount per person. Xtreme does not assume responsibility for the additional costs if student travelers do not have enough roommates.

Do you allow co-ed rooming?

Travelers under the age of 18 wishing to have co-ed roommates must each have an authorization form signed and notarized prior to the trip. They must give it to an Xtreme Manager in order to receive their room keys.

Trip Q and A's

What happens if my student gets sick or hurt?

Xtreme staff will assist as much as possible to help sick or hurt travelers. Our staff is always present and we offer a 24 hour office and hotline during travel dates as well as EMT and medic staff at all destinations.

Are Xtreme staff present onsite at each destination and events?

Absolutely, Xtreme Trips staff will be available throughout the duration of the trip including: arrival orientation, hotel check-in/check-out, all onsite day and evening events, and at our 24 hour Room.

How will my student know where all the events/parties are?

An itinerary will emailed prior to the trip, then again during the arrival orientation to let all the students know where and when the events are. This information and schedule is also posted in the lobby of the hotel. On domestic bus trips students will adhere to the scheduled itinerary for the trip.

Can I stay in the same room as my student?

You can room with your student as long as everyone in the room is the same sex. Otherwise, a parental authorization form will need to be filled out for everyone.

Payment Q and A's

When is the final payment due?

Please refer to the terms and conditions for the trip your student is attending.

Are there additional fees?

There are no hidden fees with Xtreme’s trips.

How do I pay my balance?

Payments can be made by check to our corporate office, through our secure online website.

Have more questions? Need more information?

If you have specific trip questions or need additional information, feel free to email or call us at or call Xtreme Trips at (954) 563-7112 opt. 3(Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm). Due to high call volumes, please allow 1 business day for a return call if you receive our voicemail.