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Xtreme Trips is the latest addition to the I Love Travel brand, an international company committed to offering high-quality, engaging and safe student and youth-focused vacations to local, national and international destinations.

Comprised of a number of niche travel providers that offer unique vacation experiences, Xtreme Trips joins a roster of elite travel and tourism firms including Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Stoke Travel, Unleashed Travel and S-Trip!

As the oldest subsidiary of the group, S-Trip!, a Toronto-based travel and tourism operator, has been in operation for more than three decades. S-Trip! has a built a reputation for offering the highest quality vacations and graduation trips to high school students and recent graduates.

S-Trip! is well-regarded in the travel industry for creating the ultimate graduation trip, as well as for creating life-long friendships.

Established in the late 1970s, S-Trip! was founded by a small group of former educators who wanted to provide a large group of friends with a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. In the thirty years since its founding, S-Trip! has grown into a leading youth-focused tourism provider offering a variety of first rate international vacations to students in both Canada and the United States.

Every S-Trip! is a #Tripofalifetime because it is designed and tailored to young adults and allows students to celebrate their accomplishments, while also learning about indigenous cultures.

Long before S-Trip! travelers embark on their trip, an in-depth, comprehensive consultation and planning process that lasts up to 18 months is completed by S-Trip! staff.  S-Trip!’s well-trained staff prepare and troubleshoot for every possible situation, thereby ensuring that travelers and their parents have nothing to worry about besides having lots of fun in the tropical sun.

With a focus on inclusion in  2012, S-Trip! enlisted the company’s staff members to develop a 5 step mantra that’s been adopted by the entire company.


1.      Share the journey – Means staff and travelers must exhibit an inclusive attitude towards each other as well as those that live in the destination country


2.      Embrace everyone  – This mantra fosters unity among travelers, leaders and community members.


3.      Make an impact – A unique aspect to the S-Trip! business model is the commitment to giving back to the communities they visit around the globe.


4.      Bring the fun - S-Trip! youth trips are designed to provide travelers with lots of fun and memories


5.      Go beyond - Travelers and their loved ones can rest assured that S-Trip! leaders will go beyond in any occasion to protect and safeguard each and every traveler


Part of S-Trip!’s international success is credited to the unique business model of employing former travelers who know what teens are looking for in vacation and tourism opportunities. With more than 500 employees working out of seven international offices, S-Trip! has provided more than 125,000 students with trips to exotic destinations like Cuba, Pacific Mexico, the Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica.

One of the latest additions to the S-Trip! vacation experience is the inclusion of volunteer opportunities. These programs, which are tailored to the community and the group of travelers, help students interact with the locals, as well as give back to the communities they are visiting.

“The impact of the cultural exchange is highly rewarding,” reads one of the many S-Trip! reviews. “It’s not often that someone has the chance to see a country different than their own, and not only that, but to see areas that tourists don’t often visit,” the S-Trip! review continues.