Historic Charm, Modern Attractions and Radiant Beaches

Located in the Caribbean just East of Florida lies Grad Bahama Island, Bahamas which boasts a luxurious collection of beautiful resorts situated on a calm white sand beach where you and your friends will receive royal treatment. You'll love the luxury and island experience of Grad Bahama Island: the perfect Grad Trip getaway!


Your Program Includes:

  • Round-trip 3 hour catamaran from Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale
  • 3 or 5 Night Oceanfront Hotel Accommodations
  • Port to Hotel Transfers
  • Port Arrival/Departure Staff
  • Welcome Orientation Briefing
  • Free Beach and Pool Events
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • 24/7 Adult Destination Staff
  • 24-Hour Room
  • EMT Trained Staff
  • No Hidden Fees: taxes/gratuities included

How to sign up:

  1. Attend your school’s Informational Meeting to get all the trip information and answers to any questions you might have
  2. Visit www.XtremeGradTrips.com to register for the trip
  3. Select your Schools: Trip, Dates, Departure City and Resort
  4. Fill in all Personal Information Details
  5. Select Payment Plan (Autopay recommended) and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  6. Keep up with your AutoPay monthly payments
  7. Receive monthly emails and updates. About 2-4 weeks prior to each trip, your final travel documents and itinerary will be emailed to you and posted to your account.

What to do


Trip Schedule

With 25 years of Grad Trip experience, Xtreme Grad Trips has become the expert in creating a great graduation trip. Our team of creative staff works hard all year long to design a unique trip that is fun, educational, well-organized, and most importantly, safe.

Arrival Day into Grand Bahama Island

The Grad Trip experience will start as soon as you arrive at the airport or port on your departure day. As soon as you clear customs you will meet Xtreme’s port arrival staff who will welcome you to beautiful Grand Bahama Island. You will then be guided to meet up with the second half of our team, the Xtreme Destination staff,who will welcome you with open arms and big smiles. They’ll help everyone onto the right coach bus to privately transfer you and your group together to the hotel where they’ll guide you through the check-in process quickly. Xtreme’s Destination Staff are talented, experienced with students, and fun! Your Destination Staff and Destination Managers will be your dedicated contacts for your trip and will be present at all your events and at your hotel every day. They’ll always be around your group to help you with your beach volleyball spike to what you should wear for the night’s event; their job is to make sure your Grad Trip is even better than your expectations.

Welcome Orientation Briefing

Immediately after everyone has checked in, our destination staff will hold a 45 minute briefing, during which they’ll introduce themselves and let you know about the program for the week. They’ll focus on all the important Do’s and Don’ts that make for a responsible trip that will be fun and safe. They’ll also point out the highlights of your destination, the facilities of your resort, and all of the great excursions you can check out! This is your chance to ask questions, to review safety procedures, and to get yourself settled. Once all your questions are answered, you’re free to explore: Grad Trip can officially start!

During your Grad Trip week

Your Grad Trip is yours to define. Want to explore the culture of your destination? Take part in one of our cultural excursions or eco tours! Have a taste for some adventure? The dolphin encounter is for you! Want to just enjoy the beautiful beaches and free water sports at the resort? Take part in an Xtreme Grad Trip day event! We have options to make sure you get the most out of your Grad Trip. Each day we have a featured activity, excursion and event organized for the group.

If you have any ideas or questions, come talk to us! Our Destination Staff are always close by and easy to find. There will always be a staff member at our desk in the hotel lobby and present during all activities, excursions and events throughout the week. Your Destination Manager checks in with you at your hotel room every morning and evening, and will always be hanging out with your group during the day time activities to ensure your trip goes smoothly. They are also available by cell phone 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies.

Departure Day Back Home

On your last day, you’ll say your goodbyes to all your new friends and our port departure staff will help you through the check-out process. We’ll board the bus and head to the port, once all the check-outs are done. Our port departure staff will make sure everyone gets checked in and is able to board the return cruise back home. If there are any issues, our port departure staff will be there to help.


Travel Tips



  • Keep your room locked at all times
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks with parents at home
  • Bring a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks to leave in hotel room safe
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of bottled water and fluids
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Only use the transportation provided by Xtreme Trips with Xtreme Representatives to and from the airport or port at your destination
  • Only do activities and excursions through Xtreme Trips and their certified vendors at the destination
  • Know the traffic patterns at international destinations and always stop and look both ways prior to crossing a street or walkway
  • Know the baggage requirements for your flight or cruise which is usually 1 checked bag weighing no more than 40 pounds
  • Only go to medical facilities that are approved by Xtreme Trips, your insurance company and compliant with US medical standards
  • Purchase calling cards to call your parents as soon as you arrive to give them your room number and X-Zone information
  • Immediately contact Xtreme in case of emergency by calling the numbers on your wristband, 24 hour X-Zone, or any staff member


  • Do not use small alleyways and dimly lit streets
  • Do not discuss travel plans with strangers
  • Do not take unofficial taxis, which are not marked or metered
  • Do not accept food or beverages from strangers
  • Do not go to beaches when it is dark
  • Do not rent mopeds
  • Do not play on the balcony
  • Do not socialize or hang out with people outside the Xtreme Trips group
  • No diving into the pool or ocean
  • Don’t over pack
  • Don’t lose your pool towel
  • Don’t use cell phones at international destination without speaking to your provider about the cost of using it abroad, which is generally a few dollars a minute

What Not to Pack

  • Valuable or expensive jewelry
  • Family heirlooms and items considered irreplaceable such as IPods and other electronics
  • Credit cards that are not used frequently
  • Social security card, library card and other membership cards
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, passport photos, and the serial # of travelers’ checks with parents

Money When Traveling

  • Try and carry traveler’s checks or prepaid credit cards instead of cash
  • Counter sign Travelers checks in front of shop owners when making your purchase
  • Do not flash large amounts of cash
  • Get your credit card back after each transaction
  • Only deal with large well known money exchange vendors

Time Zones

Bahamas - Eastern Standard Time Zone; the same as Florida


Bahamas - The currency is the Bahamian dollar which is equivalent to the US dollar. Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands so no need to exchange any US dollars


Bahamas – The official language is English


Why Extreme?



Travel with confidence! Xtreme has traveled over 90,000 students since 2002.

Experienced Staff

We bring 1 adult staff per 25 students including EMT staff to address any medical issues.

Paymeny Plan

Easy AutoPay monthly payment plan and early booking incentives.

Medical Coverage

Travelers insurance add-on for onsite medical and trip cancellation protection.

Superior Customer Service

We care about your Grad Trip and we are here to answer your questions.

24-Hour Assistance

A destination staff room is available 24/7 for any issues or emergencies.




Radisson Grand Lucayan Resort

The Radisson Grand Lucayan Resort is the most amazing beachfront resort on Grand Bahama Island and is Xtreme's Headquarter Hotel! Spanning seven-and-a-half acres of Bahamian beach, this mega resort is walking distance to the Port Lucaya Square and 5 minutes away from the port!

Hotel Amenities include:
4 pools, 14 restaurants and lounges, HUGE casino, 25 person jacuzzi, onsite club, two championship golf courses, a variety of beach and water sports, Spa and fitness center.

This resort offers 511 rooms and suites. 2 Double beds or 1 King size bed.




Info & FAQs


Rooming List Form (Must be filled out by trip organizers)

Want to choose your roommates?

Under 18 Parental Consent Form to Travel Outside the U.S.

Please print and fill out this form if you are traveling outside of the United States and are under 18.

Coed Rooming Parent/Guardian Consent Form - MUST BE NOTARIZED

Please print and fill out this form if you will be sharing a room with anyone of the opposite gender. This form must be signed by all travelers in the room, their parents/guardians, and notarized in order to do coed rooming. Travelers must provide Xtreme Trips with the notarized and signed consent form before rooming lists are completed.

Terms and Conditions

Grad Trip Summer 2015


Grad Trip FAQ

What’s the age limit on the Grad Trip?

16 is the minimum requirement for our trips. Anyone under 16 must have their parents discuss with Xtreme why they are sending them on a graduation trip. The trip is open to high school graduating seniors and juniors that are friends of people traveling. Siblings and friends are also welcome but no one over the age of 20 is typically allowed. Anyone 21 or older must individually discuss their situation with Xtreme.

What if I will not be 18 years old during my trip?

You must have a signed and notarized permission form stating you are allowed to travel internationally. Both parents must sign this form. If there are not two parents available an explanation of guardianship is required. This form is available online on our website www.xtremetripshs.com.

What type of documents do I need to bring?

A passport unless you are under 18 and then a notarized permission letter is required also.

What happens after I turn in or mail a deposit?

An e-mail confirmation will be sent out to the email address on account with all of your account information and a payment receipt.

What happens if I don’t deposit by the deposit deadline?

Trip pricing and inclusions are based on deadlines. The ability for your son or daughter to go depends on the space available. Xtreme will work with everybody but cannot guarantee anything if registration is after the deadline. Prices and inclusions are subject to change after the deadline. Xtreme is only requiring a $75-$100 deposit to guarantee a space on the trip for your son/daughter. Rooming difficulties can occur for your son/daughter if you wait too long to register since many of the rooming lists are taken care of well in advance.

What happens if I get sick or injured on or before the trip?

We highly recommend purchasing the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON travel insurance to cover any unforeseen medical emergencies prior to the trip. Already included is insurance which covers up to $100,000 in the case of emergency evacuation and up to $25,000 with emergency assistance services. CANCEL FOR ANY REASON insurance also covers up to a 75% refund if cancellation occurs for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the trip. While on the trip, our staff will do everything necessary to ensure the safety of all the students. Of course, in the event of an accident, proper medical attention will be administered. All of our full time staff is CPR certified and in the case of emergency our staff will accompany your son/daughter to the hospital.

What would cause a student to get kicked off the trip and sent home?

Acting in a way that puts your son/daughter in danger or anyone else in our program. These cases will be based on a judgment call by our staff. We would first call home and speak with you and decide from our conversation what the course of action will be. If the student is allowed to stay on the trip we will follow up with you every day for the rest of trip in order to make sure we feel comfortable with continuing the trip.

How safe are these trips?

These trips are safe. The first thing that we do besides having meetings before we depart is have our airport staff greet your son and daughter at the airport. We ride with the students on the transfer buses and conduct an orientation at the hotel. Xtreme staff will discuss how to have a safe and great time. There is a 24/7 zone where students can find a staff member at all times during their trip. Our staff attend all Xtreme events throughout the entire length of the trip and all students wear a bracelet showing they are part of our program.

Do you allow coed rooming?

Our official policy is that everybody that is traveling on the trip must have coed rooming parent permission forms signed and notarized by everyone in the room. This form can be found online on our website.

How is rooming decided?

We have preliminary rooming lists that start 6 months prior to the trip. All students decide who they want to room with and can communicate this with their local Xtreme Representatives. They may also attend any of the meetings held by Xtreme Managers and communicate it there. Final rooming lists are completed 45 days prior to the trip.

How do I know you are a legitimate company?

If you register online, you can begin accessing your account online immediately.How do I know you are a legitimate company?

What is the currency?

The Bahamas is an independent nation comprised of British and US influence. Their currency has the same value as the dollar. They do accept the dollar as a form of currency.

Are deposits refundable, reusable, or transferable?

This varies, please call 954-563-7112 opt 3 or email Info@XtremeTripsHS.com your request and we can research a hotel or flight only package for you.All deposits are non-refundable but they are not transferable unless you pay the $50 name change fee. The transfer can only be made towards new travelers. All deposits are non-refundable and no extensions are given on anything.

What is the drinking age at grad trip destinations?

Bahamas is 18. Our policy is that staff is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on duty. Behavior is what is enforced in terms of alcohol consumption regardless of your sons or daughters age.

Can parents and teachers come on the trip?

They are always invited! We actually have a parent hotel with staff there so parents can have activities planned for them as well, separate from the students.

Does the school normally sponsor this trip?

No, the school does not normally sponsor this trip, since the majority of these trips are occurring when school is not in session (during spring recess or after graduation.) The only trips that are either sponsored or promoted by schools are our domestic options such as Grad Nite, Grad Bash, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Disney parks.

Will there be adult staff from Xtreme Trips on our trip?

Yes and at all times. The 1st people the students will see at the airport are our staff. Our staff are available 24/7 and are at the hotel and all events we have on our itinerary throughout the trip.

How do we get to and from the airport/port and our hotel?

All transfers are included. This is listed on the brochure. Our staff meet the students at the airport and are with them through all transfers. It will take about 20 minutes to get to the hotel from the airport.

How much spending money should I bring?

$40-60 per day.

Should I bring cash, travelers’ checks, ATM cards, or credit cards on my grad trip?

Travelers checks are the best option because they can be replaced. Credit cards are fine but the student cannot lose them. ATM cards charge a fee of $5 every time which averages out to $35-70 for the week. Some cash is good to have as long as it is less than $100.

What does ALL-INCLUSIVE mean?

All meals and beverages at the hotel only are taken care of.

What should I pack?

You are going to need to pack lots of bathing suits, sun screen, casual going out clothes (keep them light since it is very hot), hats or visors, sandals, and all your bathroom products. Students love to wear their best party attire on our senior trips. Some nights you will want to dress to impress and guys should bring at least one pair of pants and 1 pair of shoes since some of the night clubs do not allow shorts or flip flops.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Most information can be found on our website @ www.XtremeTripsHS.com for additional information contact customer service between 11am-7pm M-F 954-563-7112 opt 3.

Your vacation getaway is waiting.

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